I already had a free small webinar 10 days ago where I presented the Italian Wine Scholar program. It has been a good experience, though it was weird to be in this silent room knowing that everybody was listening to me behind a screen.

Now I am doing it again. It will be again a free webinar of 45 minutes. I thought: what can I offer that is not a simple imitation of what everyone else is doing? On one hand anyone can grab a bottle of wine and do a tasting, on the other there are already extremely high quality webinars out there. Isn’t there anything that I can come up with to create something new?

Then an idea came to my mind and I liked it: I have always shun teaching Italian because any Italian can do and it is very difficult to make a decent living out of it, but in this situation what about teaching Italian AND wine at the same time?
That’s how I decided to have this lesson: “Useful Italian to enjoy wine”. To make it even more peculiar, the lesson will be held in Japanese!

Me teaching Italian in Japanese: that will be a pretty rare sight to behold 😀