Anosmia (odor-blindness) is known to be one of the possible consequences of COVID-19 infection, and in some cases it is reported to continue well after having recovered from the virus. It is not pleasant for anyone, but imagine what that could mean for wine professionals, who use nose has a fundamental part of their job.

The Institut des sciences de la vigne et du vin of the Bordeaux university has published a booklet aimed to help people affected by this disorder. The document contains a protocol, a sort of training program, that anyone can follow to recuperate their smell. Elaborated by Sophie Tempere the work is the result of the expertise of the ISVV in the field of organoleptic education and researches in the field of otolaryngology.

The training can take months, and the author encourages the trainee to not give up if results do not show up immediately. It is divided into two sets of exercises:

  • olfactory mental imagery: the imagining of smells without their source;
  • repeated exposure to essential oils: olfactory training with different types of aroma oils from different families (fruit, flowers, spices, aromatic herbs).

Published at the beginning of the year, the booklet has received attention again recently after its author and the deputy head in charge of training Laurence Gény was awarded the Talents U trophy from the University of Bordeaux, a prize recognized to the students, researchers and personnel whose works contributes to the prestige and fame of the university.

The booklet can be found in English at this page.